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As a strongman who is known far beyond the borders of Austria, Franz Müllner gets around the world. Most recently, the »Austrian Rock« traveled to San Diego in the United States. And of course the multiple RID record holder wanted to attempt a world record there. On November 14, 2023, he wanted to move a ship as far as possible to achieve the »longest pull of a ship with arm-wrestling technique« – simply by making repeated arm movements, just like arm wrestling. In this case, his arm-wrestling opponent was the former crab trawler »Dickie Walker«, which was launched in 1951 and later converted into a charter yacht.

World record on every continent?

 The world record attempt is already the third in Franz Müllner’s continent challenge. The extreme strength athlete wants to set a world record on every continent. Müllner has already ticked off the South American and European continents on his bucket list. Now the North American continent should follow. His latest record attempt involved a special kind of arm wrestling. Normally, this sport involves pushing a human opponent’s arm down from its starting position – with the elbow resting on a tabletop – until the opponent’s arm touches the tabletop.

 Müllner’s opponent was the previously mentioned former trawler »Dickie Walker« with a weight of 72.57 tons. It is moored in the port of San Diego and was already waiting for the Austrian muscleman on November 14, 2023. Sitting on a small platform, the record hunter got into position. In his right hand, he held a rope that was connected to the white and blue ship.

»Austrian Rock« and its 7-continent challenge

Now, with his elbow propped up and his arm bent, he pulled the rope forwards and downwards again and again, grabbed it again and repeated this sequence of movements. In this way, Müllner slowly moved the 19-metre-long ship towards him. And that only with real arm-wrestling technique!

The record challenger repeated the process a total of 20 times, moving the ship 4.50 meters in the process. With this distance, Franz Müllner achieved the world record on the continent of North America for the »longest pull of a ship with arm-wrestling technique«. This means that the third continent in Müllner’s challenge has now been completed. We are excited to see where the ambitious record holder will go next.

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