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A German premiere leads to a music world record: the band project »ROCKIN‘1000 – That’s Live«, already known as viral YouTube hit, was on Sunday, 7 July 2019 staged at Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt, Germany. With 1,002 musicians playing in front of an audience of 15,000 spectators the project achieved the world record for the »largest performing rock band«. Hundreds of guitar and bass players, drummers and also Keyboards and Singers were joined together in that giant band, playing rock classics by Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Oasis and others.

RID Record Adjudicator Olaf Kuchenbecker also traveled to Frankfurt, to approve the new world record on-site and to hand over the RID Record Certificate to the organizers. The record breaking concert event in Frankfurt bettered the existing world record by 49 musicians, set 2016 in China.

Fotos: Commerzbank-Arena (3); Enrico Sauda (1)

All musicians achieved the world record together.
As a participant klick here to to download a copy of the certificate awarded in Frankfurt.

Additionally we offer printed and optionally framed certificates with your name.
Please order your copy with German text (pictured above right) oder English text (pictured above left) :

RID Record Certificate with individual printed Text,
30 cm x 40 cm, 350 grams paper, four-color print
15 EUR/ pc; blue frame, HAMA brand: 10 EUR/ pc;
plus 10 EUR for packaging & delivery to GER; plus 20 EUR to AUT; plus 30 EUR to CH
Up to 3 framed certificates can be send in one package

Please email your order by klicking. You first get an VAT-invoice and a suggestion for the certificate text.

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