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Sports records are getting more and more popular among record breakers and fans of Rekord-Institut für Deutschland (Records Institute for Germany). Caused by Muhamed »Hammerhand« Kahrimanovic, a Hamburg-based multiple RID record holder who originally came from Bosnia-Herzegovina, such effects also spread to the Balkans.

Accordingly, Stevan Veskovic from Novi Sad (SRB) had an ambitious plan for 14 March 2020: with support of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the University of Novi Sad, Stevan wanted to carry out at least 200 muscle ups in one hour. To achieve the exercise’s special combination of pull-up and subsequent dip to be followed by a controlled return to the starting position in order to hang down on both arms, requires full body tension, strength and timing. This exercise is considered correctly to be one of the most difficult drills with the own body weight.

For Stevan this aspect was apparently no problem. The record aspirant pulled and pushed himself tirelessly over the bar. The founder of the »Baserbz Street Workout Team« performed a total of 208 correctly executed exercises achieving the world record for »most muscle ups in one hour«. But even Stevan had to cope the physical strain in the most literal way. Bleeding from bursting blisters, his palms were a clear sign. But even these wounds could not wreck Stevan’s delight for successfully achieving the world record.

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